Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A love song about buffalo chicken

Have you ever had one of these:

PDQ Buffalo Blue Cheese Sandwich

I have.  Many.  More than is appropriate to admit.  Because, they delicious.  I don't know when I even started liking  buffalo" chicken.  I'm not a wings person.  Just have no use for them.  But a "boneless" buffalo wing can be pretty darn tasty.  And this sandwich is the perfect ration of chicken, to bun, to crispy, crunchy lettuce, with a sprinkling of blue cheese both on the chicken and mixed in the sauce.  Perfection.  I could eat one a day.

But yeah, can't (and SHOULDN'T anyway) do that this year!  So I found these buffalo blue cheese chicken sausages that are a shockingly decent replacement.  I have spent a lot years reading about "swaps" as diets are oft to recommend and usually they are pathetic and would never in any way leave the person who is "swapping" not still hankering for what they really wanted in the first place.  

Imagine my surprise when these sausages actually did the trick!  Evan grills them, I throw one on a bun, with or without crispy lettuce (better with, but what the fridge holds, the fridge holds) and voila!  A delicious, non-fast food buffalo blue treat!!!  

Bilinski's Buffalo - Style Chicken Sausage
These are the only kind I recommend.  I've tried several brands of the same "flavor" and for whatever reason these are dynamite and the rest are "meh" at best.

Day 13.  Still going strong!

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