Thursday, January 8, 2015

The first (of many) day of weakness. sigh.

This morning I could not get my coffee to taste right.  To the extent that this train of thought took place in my head:

"you know, drinking cold, reheated coffee just isn't the way to go.  I should probably start using the french press every morning.  Maybe even get one of the chemex things Lisa has.  I just don't think I can put up with this old, reheated coffee anymore.  That's the real problem here."

Because spending MORE time on myself in the morning is certainly a viable option.  Um, no.  We're late to school everyday as it is.

Anyway, I was hungry, there wasn't time to make a real breakfast, the pre-made pancakes from the freezer were completely gone by yesterday morning, and I was TIRED.

Tired + driving = no good.  And my go to, in situations like this, is something yummy to hold my alertness.

I refrained though.  Suffered through my weird tasting homemade coffee, dropped off JR, got home, and made 4 ham, egg, and cheese english muffins.  Ate one, it was insanely delicious because breakfast always is, and stuck the other 3 in the freezer.  So not only did I use up the English muffins in the fridge that "expired" (as if I stick closely to those dates) today, but I made four meals without spending an extra penny AND powered through my first temptation to pick up food on the go.

Yup.  Made it one full week on full steam.  Only 51 more to go...

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