Tuesday, October 6, 2015

YouTube Videos and favorite meals.

I am making a giant batch of what I have decided I will from henceforth refer to as "California Chili."  It is the chicken chili recipe from the Lemonade Cookbook and it cannot be overstated how much I love this meal.  It's healthy, easy (albeit time consuming, but not in a pull your hair out kind of way) and SO SO SO delicious.  It tastes rich and decadent and perfect for a brisk day when a heavy, warm meal sits so happily in your belly.  I LUH it.

As I was prepping my mire poix (see how I use fancy terms like Mire Poix?  It's because I have watched 4328490328390438290842 hours of Top Chef,) I thought to myself, I should watch a YouTube video on how to properly dice an onion.  And a carrot.  And come to think of it, my dream of one day taking a class to learn how to properly butcher a chicken, I bet I could learn that on YouTube as well!

YOU CAN LEARN ALMOST ANYTHING ON YouTube!  It's amazing.  Here is the short but life saving list of things I have watched videos and then taught myself how to do on YouTube:

1) Make Cacio e Pepe properly.  I watched an Italian chef, speaking Italian, perform this delicious feat and then repeated it promptly with wild success.

2) Install the child trailer attachment to my bicycle.  It was overwhelming and it took me a LONG time to find a video that showed the right way to do it, but when I finally did the actual installation took me about four minutes.  And I felt like a super hero.

3) Locate a wall stud.  Use that wall stud to locate ALL the wall studs in the room.  The majority of standard wall studs are 16 inches apart.  Did you know this?  I do now.  Also, 2x4s are ACTUALLY only 1.5x3.5.  Why lie construction industry?  Why lie?

4) Install a drywall anchor.  Remove a drywall anchor.

That's it so far.  But seriously, all of those things I could never have done without YouTube.  I would have paid someone to do them for me.  It's also worth noting that I used to be a person who flat out refused to watch videos on the computer.  My friends would send me links to things and I would respond "I will never watch this.  Why do you bother?"  Oh, to think of all the years of learning I have missed.  Never again!

Maybe I will find an amazing chopping video and post it here.  Maybe we can all learn how to properly dice a mire poix!  In the meantime I will enjoy this amazing California Chili.

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  1. The chili looks so yummy ♥♥