Friday, January 23, 2015

can't win 'em all

Gratuitous Reed photo.  Maybe he was waiting to eat the chicken.  Could be...
The chicken was mediocre at best.  I probably left it in the slow cooker for too long.  JR's eloquent review was "this chicken is yucky!"  Slow cookers elude me.  I can never seem to get anything quite right in them.

Oh well.  It fed us and I didn't waste, or spend any extra money so mission accomplished.

Day 23 in the challenge and I am stretching my will power on a more regular basis now. The excitement of the goal has worn off a bit, and with friends in town this past weekend it was very tempting to just "make an exception."  I didn't though!

It is very nice to settle into the thought of how much money I'm NOT spending every time I want to go get a Starbucks and don't.  It makes me feel very righteous and that makes me feel lovely.

By the time this year is over my head is going to have grown quite a bit if I can manage to go the entire year!

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