Thursday, January 1, 2015 I go!

Day one.  bam.  fin.  el dunno.

So the goal of this whole venture is multi-fold.  Waste less money.  Eat less junk.  Be more thoughtful about my/our food choices.  And in order to not give into the temptation to order a pizza when the day has been lonnnng and the boys have been craaaazy and Evan is home laaaate, I know I will need to be supremely prepared.  Which is going to mean LOTS of pre-made meals that we all love, and are quick and effortless.

So in my freezer thus far:

5 portions ( 1 portion = enough for a meal for all 4 of us) of chicken chili
4 portions of turkey sloppy joe's
2 portions of taco beef
6 adult size ham & cheese "hot pockets" (home made, obviously)
4 kid size ham & cheese "hot pockets"
2 meatloaves

Ridiculous.  I could give myself an award for all that cooking.  From ONE shopping trip.  And I still have a giant stash of chicken and one more recipe to make and freeze tomorrow.

Pretty psyched about this challenge.  Only 364 days to go!