Saturday, January 3, 2015

A few thoughts on Starbucks

When I posted this challenge on my facebook page, an old friend made the remark "you lost me at Starbucks."  My husband was surprised when I mentioned it was included.

Honestly, I feel like Starbucks is one of the THE biggest weaknesses I have!  It's SO expensive (wait until you see my breakdown) and so caloric.  Yes, not if you only get a black coffee every once in awhile.  That is not what I do, ever.  I go in for a latte, and leave with at least two edibles.  Usually spending at least $10.  For not even a "meal!"

So let's do some number crunching.

The relatively fancy, organic, DELICIOUS coffee that I buy at Whole Foods or Fresh Market or the like is 9.99/lb.  This is not folgers crystals here folks, this is the good stuff.  Probably higher quality than what Starbucks serves.  At least comparable.

So one pound of coffee easily makes at LEAST 10 pots.  That's 99 cents per pot.  One pot is easily 10 cups of coffee.  That's 9.9 cents per cup.

I am a coffee with cream drinker.

A pint of organic cream is on average, $3.50.  I probably use 3-4 tbsps of cream per cup of coffee.  There are 32 tbsps in a pint.  That is approximately 11 cents per tablespoon.

So, a very generous pour of coffee with cream, for me, at home, costs about 54 cents.  FIFTY FOUR CENTS!!!!

Now, sometimes I use willpower and order a venti coffee with cream.  That's probably $3.00

Most of the time, I get a venti iced caramel macchiato, add whipped cream.  Which is around $6.00, and GOD knows how many calories.  I won't even bother looking it up.  It's way too many.

Not too mention the sausage or bacon breakfast sandwich, and maybe a chocolate croissant for good measure.

So let's say I go to Starbucks once a week (at least!.)  That's conservatively $40/month.  Plus an ungodly amount of calories.

Versus my equally as delicious, instantly available 54 cent coffee that I can have guilt free every morning.

So, I can go to Starbucks once a week for a month for a "breakfast" and coffee, and spend $40.  While coffee, at home, every single day, costs me about $16 for the entire month.

Obviously, I will be saving a LOT of money this year not having Starbucks available to me as a back up.  (and the calories, let's not forget about those.)

Day 3, done.

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